Clinical trials

Clinical trials enable an expansion of knowledge and the improvement of medical treatments.
In the context of anesthesiology there are manifold questions in the perioperative setting (preoperative evaluation, anesthesia, perioperative care, management of postoperative phase, and reconvalescence) as well as in the areas of pain management/palliative care, intensive care, and emergency medicine that thus far have been insufficiently addressed.
In addition to the clinical trials which are planned and carried out for research purposes on the part of doctors and institutions, clinical trials also play a key role in the licensing process for medications, diagnostic procedures, and medical devices with a focus on the data collection involved for determining feasibility, effectiveness, security, and cost efficiency of the methods being studied.
In the Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care clinical trials can be planned, carried out, and co-ordinated,  e.g., within the scope of licensing procedures and for additional safety data on mono- and/or multi-centric basis.
The implementation of these clinical trials entails cooperations with other centres with a focus on perioperative clinical research, the Headquarters for Clinical Trials in the medical centre of the University of Wuerzburg, as well as the chair of Statistics of the Institute of Mathematics and the chair for Epidemiology and Biometrics.

In addition exists a long-standing expertise in the implementation of systematic reviews and meta-analyzes (among other as Cochrane Reviews). This field of competence complements in the sense of a systematic aggregation of data a generation of trial data and often allows far-reaching conclusions for follow-up studies.