Welcome to the Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care University Hospitals of Wuerzburg

The team of the Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, with its 120 medical scientists, trainees and consultant anaesthetists, ensures up-to-date perioperative management for patients undergoing surgery in all surgical disciplines and provides anaesthesia service for interventional procedures as well as procedures requiring stand-by by a trained anaesthesist. For this purpose all required technical facilities and up-to-date monitoring devices are available. With about 30.000 anaesthetics per year the complete spectrum of anaesthesia techniques are applied.

Further responsibilities include the provision of an in-hospital advanced life-support service as well as trauma care for the whole campus of the University Hospital. The Department of Anaesthesia runs an own interdisciplinary surgical intensive care unit and provides consultations for critically ill patients. Diagnostic work-up for patients seeking advice with respect to malignant hyperthermia is provided by the malignant hyperthermia unit.
The care for acute, chronic pain and palliative care patients is organized and provided by a dedicated Pain Clinic at the Department of Anaesthesia. Medical teams for emergency rescue services, air rescue services as well as interhospital transfer are provided by specially trained personnel from the Department of Anaesthesia. The aforementioned clinical services are complemented by a comprehensive basic and clinical research team performing research on topics related to basic science and  perioperative care. Due to this comprehensive portfolio of clinical and research services, the Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care is able to cover full specialist training for residents and further offers the opportunity to gain board certified specialist training in dedicated areas of critical care, emergency medicine, pain management and palliative care.